We understand the importance of delivering results. We also know how you invest in your organization and employee development can make or break your business. 10 Steps Ahead Strategies works with developing market companies and SMEs to ensure the entire organization is aligned and ready to deliver on the company’s objectives. We start with assessing the organization’s past and current performance, long-term objectives and position in the market. Together we identify and focus on specific organizational outcomes that will drive success. Our team will help you determine what is working, organizational strengths, weaknesses, employee development, and which outcomes are needed to set the organization ahead of the competition.

Ultimately, our objective is to help you tackle and simplify organizational complexity, and cement a foundation of new capabilities and repeatable processes for all levels of your organization.

  • Human Capital

    Today’s fast-paced and increasingly global markets present multiple challenges and continuously shifting organizational priorities for growing SMEs. 10 Steps Ahead Strategies services leverage professional networks, research, industry insights, and talent management to design and execute programs from corporate innovation to leadership, talent development and change management. We also provide a variety of products to enable talent-related transformation.

    • Performance Support and Measurement;
    • Advisory;
    • Organizational Strategy; and
    • Analytics.
  • Rebuilding Organizational Culture

    An organization’s culture has an impact on its ability to execute its strategy and achieve its business goals and objectives. How to transition from a entrepreneurial start-up to a growing business? We partner with you to develop an “intentional culture”, to transform and sustain your business. Working from the premise that people do their best work when engaged and committed, together we create the vision, direction and values that will evolve with your company and inspire people to do their best work.

    • Assessment Tools;
    • Engagement Activities;
    • Seminars; and
    • Growth Strategies.

Global Professional Development

The Global Professional Development Program, developed in partnership with Boston Educational Consulting Group, SchroderLo and Sofia-Inc., provides direction and help to midlevel managers seeking to develop a leadership mindset. Integrating learning and development with real-time, real-life work activities,  managers learn to adopt new ways of thinking and feeling, looking beyond “individual contribution to collective accomplishment”.* Participants gain real-world, practical answers to the complex challenges they face in the form of relevant projects, on-the-job learning, coaching, and feedback, all tied to an ongoing development program.

*Danger In The Middle: Why Midlevel Managers Aren’t Ready to Lead {PERSPECTIVES} LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, Harvard Business Publishing 2013